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About Us

Hello, I’m Matt. I’ve been in love with photography since I was 12, when I first picked up my grandfather’s 35mm SLR. Inspired by my grandfather’s photography (he was a keen hobbyist) I set out on my own photographic journey and although sadly he is no longer with us I still have his camera and use it on occasions, bringing back very happy childhood memories when I do!

When I was younger I would pretty much photograph anything and everything and wherever we went I always had a camera with me. I was quite small back in those days and my Praktica SLR would almost weigh as much as me!

The year 2000 was a significant turning point for me photographically when I decided to enrol on a City & Guilds photography course and spent three years learning at an advanced level all the major disciplines from landscapes to portraits to photo-journalism.

It was the latter two subjects that I earned distinctions in and it was often commented that in areas such as portrait photography I could make my subjects feel at ease very quickly with my friendly personality and manner.

Photo-Journalism was great fun too and I really enjoyed thinking on my feet seeing and taking photographs as they happened and interestingly enough in later years it’s this style that I have brought into my wedding photography.

From the strength of my grades I qualified for a Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society, something I was and still am very proud of.

My first wedding was in back in 2007, a real baptism of fire as it was the chance to really prove to myself whether I could potentially ‘cut it’ as a professional wedding photographer. Was I nervous? Hell yes I was terrified, but I meticulously planned and researched the whole day in minute detail, which helped calm my nerves and the photos were testament to this.

Moving forward a few years I met Jolie in 2009, I was totally smitten by the end of the first date and after several weeks of dating I mentioned that I had ambitions of becoming a professional wedding photographer. Being a graphic designer and having studied photography as part of her degree, Jo offered to help, putting together a website, business cards and brochures, and just a few months later was assisting me at our first wedding together.

It’s not just assisting at weddings, Jo plays an integral role in designing and maintaining our website, designing albums, coffee table books as well as the day to day running of the business. We work brilliantly as a team and not only have I found my soul mate I have found my perfect business partner too!

I think it may be time to make our partnership more official, what do you think Jolie?